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Sourcing and quality


To renew our collections and pinpoint new trends, we select toys by participating in national and international trade shows and by meeting with new suppliers.

In addition, we follow movie and TV show licensing closely to know which dolls, action figures and other toys hit the shelves.

Our Purchasing team, with their extensive experience and high standards of quality, travels to Asia four times per year and to New York once every three years to choose amazing toys & games for kids.

Once we make our preselection, our Shenzhen based import subsidiary sends us samples and organizes on-site factory assessments to ensure the standards applicable in labor and employment matters are respected.

After validation our toys undergo testing in laboratories to meet international regulations and safety and quality standards.

To further diversify our sourcing, we are looking to the possibility of working with European manufacturers, especially in Eastern Europe.


Since 2012, WDK has drafted a Quality Policy.

This policy focuses on all the important elements to successfully drive our quality management system and attain customer satisfaction. Our teams in France and in China are committed to scrupulously following the strict safety and quality standards of children’s toys.

WDK is on the Association Française de Normalisation’s (AFNOR, the French Standardization Association) committee for toys. We are there because of our extensive knowledge in the field and to contribute to the development of new standards or the evolution of existing standards.

Before shipment, our inspectors put each toy through a rigorous series of quality control tests to make sure it complies with applicable standards: physical & mechanical hazard tests, phthalates analysis tests, labeling and age grading requirements. An inspection report is drafted and issued prior to any shipment.

For all toys intended for use in play by children 3 years of age and under, we systematically carry out tests before they are sent out of the factory. The LNE, the French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing, performs these tests to assure us of the quality and safety of said toys (function/performance, pull tests on small parts and seams and so forth) and the absence of phthalates.

WDK works with reliable long-standing suppliers to source new products. We pre-screen any potential new suppliers. WDK organizes factory inspections to ensure the quality and safety of our toy imports, compliance with labour standards and in particular no one under the legal minimum age is employed in any stage of toy manufacturing. These requirements are verified again by our teams in China during each final random inspection.


The quality audit conducted by the independent audit firm INTERTEK, in September 2019, attributed us a quality performance index of 98.4 % (compared to 82.8% in 2015).

The main areas covered by the audit were:

  • quality policy
  • quality systems (process, quality indicators, follow-up procedures)
  • finished goods controls (supplier evaluations, procurement plans, product inspections, labelling and marking)
  • product traceability (lot number, EAN128)
  • regulatory and customs monitoring
  • logistics (product storage conditions, storage areas for non-complaint products, processing of non-complaint products)
  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


WDK Groupe Partner is committed to quality and safety. We have meticulous and robust third-party lab testing and certification to help us ensure global regulatory compliance.

All of our toys and recreational items are submitted to a conformity assessment procedure to meet the standards and regulations of our destination market:

  • safety assessments
  • labelling and warnings assessments
  • industrial and intellectual property rights
  • customs legislation
  • toy factory operation assessments: lawful, safe, healthful and no underage employment

WDK Groupe Partner’s toy & games are tested by third-party labs like:


Within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we encourage a mindset of sustainability at every level within WDK Groupe Partner and we aim to engage in CSR efforts in a respectable and lasting manner.

  • We reduce the impact of packaging.
  • We support eco-friendly packaging and use green inks.